MantaPlay is the one-stop swimming class for your little tots.

It is a platform for you to connect seamlessly with a Swimming and Water Safety Teacher who best fits the needs of your child.

It is a swim school, completely rethought from the inside out to deliver better teaching and convenience for you and your child.

Swimming Lessons Singapore

The MantaPlay App

The days of manually arranging swimming lessons over text message are over. It’s time to embrace an application so convenient.

Available for
download in Q1 2018

Exceptional Swimming Instructors

From our highly qualified teachers – equipped with our innovative Joey Lingo™ approach to early childhood swimming education.

Tailored Learning

At MantaPlay™, we care about your child’s swimming education and offer small class sizes for focused learning.

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Learn Anywhere with Private Swimming Lessons

As a one-stop swim school, MantaPlay™ lets you decide on the class location and the swimming teacher that best fits your child’s learning pace and needs. These are the best swimming lessons in Singapore!

It’s fast and easy to get your child started.


swimming lessons singapore

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