Personal Swimming Instructor

We are constantly on the lookout for passionate and driven teachers. And by becoming a Manta Partner, you’ll gain access to the region’s largest pool of prospective swim students.

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Assurance & Support

Affiliated with ASCTA and Swim Australia™, and receiving specialised training including Joey Lingo™, you are assured of boundless opportunities with the internationally accredited MantaPlay™ brand.

Ready stream of students

The MantaPlay™ App works for both you and the parents. While giving you access to a pool of students, the App’s intelligent lesson management features (such as group messaging and fast-input test results) helps to reduce the administrative work needed, allowing you to truly focus on teaching.

With the number of swim students on the platform growing every day, you’ll be well positioned to take advantage of the growing market for early-age swim lessons.

MantaPlay™ mobile app will be available for download in Q1 2018 from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Manage your own schedule

Teachers who join as Manta Partners retain a high degree of autonomy to control your schedules, individual targets and operations. If you need help to get started, contact us and we’ll provide the necessary training.