progressive curriculum

We understand that learning can be challenging for some and easy for others.

To accommodate the various skill levels of our learners, MantaPlay™ has developed a progressive curriculum tailored for different age groups.

Your child’s first stroke with us will begin with a competency assessment lesson. This will allow our expert Swimming and Water Safety Teacher to advise you on the appropriate course level to enrol your child in.

The progressive nature of the courses ensure that your child will build upon their swimming foundation well, before embarking onto more challenging skills.

our course levels include

Diaper Dolphin

(6 mths to 36 mths old)

To get your child ready for the waters, pick up basic breathing control, and simple paddling


(3 to 5 years old)

To start on front and back floating independently coupled with advanced kicking

Future Stars

(5 years old and above)

To prepare your child for advanced swimming strokes with speed and distance training

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MantaPlay™ mobile app will be available for download in Q1 2018 from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Oneonone Attention

We designed our classes to be in compact sizes, so that our teachers are able to keep an attentive watch over each child’s swimming progress.

Stressfree environment

Under the guidance of our passionate teachers, your child will learn swimming among friends of similar age and skill level in a fun-filled environment. This reduces potential stress significantly for your kids, while ensuring that they are able to follow the contents of the course easily.

Transparent lesson updates

At every step of the way, you’ll be able to transparently view lesson plans for each session, keeping yourself updated with your child’s learning progress.